Roger that. In Part 3, Brent discusses the aftermath of the Hofmann murders, including the trial and Hoffman's eventual plea deal. What is not to love about Johns revelation of your worthy biceps? I was pronouncing words instead of just reading them. What is your spirtuality/worldview like post-Mormonism? It was so, so interesting. Is having spiritual experiences while doing what some may view as critical research on the Book, when you know there may be opposing views to your work, grounds for also having these feelings? By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Yes, thats the book, though the volume I perused was the first (1816) edition published in Portsmouth, NH. I would include many of the arguments given by the critics as well. The interview was superb and the insight into this extraordinary life was gifted. Unintended consequences here we come! This is definitely a not-miss interview. 1) In your opinion, which group is currently winning in their arguments regarding the truth claims of church, the critics or the apologetics? [4] He grew up a member of the LDS Church in a devout family, and served a mission for the LDS Church. That makes more sense. How would it be different from other books that deal with the same subject? But are there any podcasts that go deeper in to Gnostics, esoteric teachings, metaphysics, etc. He was enthusiastic about scholars allegedly validating his translations through secular methods (e.g., Charles Anthon on the BoMor characters and Michael Chandlers anonymous scholars on the BoAbr papyri). Lex, you might be interested in the work of Lance Owens. [4] His supervisor removed the probation, but on April 8 Metcalfe's employment was terminated. brent metcalfe excommunicated. The October 1985 bombings that killed two individuals and severely injured another was initially assumed to be related to a financial business. It all depends on the depth of study one does. God-belief has also been attributed partly to our brains evolved hyper-tendency to perceiveagency where none exists. Im curious who is singing Lead Kindly Light in this its beautiful. Also, the rest of your experience is so totally mind-blowing-interesting. And it leaves this distrust in LDS leaders hanging with the viewer. Riveting stuff. In Part 1, Brent talks about his early days in the Church and his time working for Church security. Who does he think the last bomb was meant for? Iowa's Brent Metcalf wrestles with Iowa State's Mitch Mueller during their 149 pound match Friday, March 19, 2010 in the quarterfinal round of the 2010 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships at . So cool that you provided some of the research used by Michael Quinn. Part 1 of the interview stuck much closer to home for me. She related all this to me and my companion. There are so many parallels between the happenings in my LDS life and Brents, (although nothing to such depth and notoriety) I was drawn to find more information about his life, while he was in the church and out. Thanks! It was torturous turning out essays to suit a particular lecturers preferences in order to gain high marks. You guys at MS are doing great. For more information, please see our Yes, please delineate with a rough timeline, recent vs. re-exposed critiques of the books. I appreciate the details of Brents experience. I thought your essay in New Approaches was excellent, and certainly complicates traditional understandings of the Book of Mormon; you obviously dont believe the BoM is historical in any way, but Id also guess you would acknowledge the impressive complexity of it. Brent is a fascinating interview for Mormon Stories for many reasons, including: He knew forger and bomber Mark Hofmann personally. Brent was ultimately excommunicated for editing/authoring this book. Doxey denied asking about Metcalfe. A member of the LDS Church reports he was excommunicated for apostasy on February 2nd, 2013. Brent H Metcalf, 71 Resides in Salt Lake City, UT Lived In Sandy UT Related To Kyle Metcalf, Molly Metcalf, Kristy Metcalf, Nicole Metcalf Includes Address (3) Phone (4) Email (3) See Results Brent Charles Metcalf, 55 Resides in Lowell, AR Lived In Modesto CA, Oroville CA, Bonney Lake WA Also known as Gary Brent, Metcalf Brent In other words, if it is an intrinsic aspect of a tradition to make historical claims or assertions about the underlying nature of the world, the falsification of those claims essentially undermines the character of that tradition. It shows how establishment Apologists from FAIR and Interpreter and the rest of the former FARMS crew only care about your academic achievements even if you actually do do serious research on the Book of Abraham. Brent Metcalf, age 31, Kingsport, TN Lived in: Greeneville TN, Elizabethton TN, Louisville TN Relatives: Terri Treadway, Kathy Edens, Douglas Metcalf View full report Brent E Metcalf, age 39, Semmes, AL Lived in: Wilmer AL, Theodore AL Relatives: Beverly Metcalf, Thomas Metcalf, Thomas Metcalf View full report Brent, The view of the Lamb on mount Sion gave me joy unspeakable and full of glory. All it is is a continuation of the pain, Brent further added. I will start my question with a short story to add some perspective. Watch the full match. Hibbard later had a dream in which he again. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. funeral directors southend; penalty charge notice costs; johns manville headquarters address; Hello world! Because researchers like me are not taken seriously by them, even if we have serious and significant contributions. Brent's review of challenges to traditional approaches to the Book of Mormon. What would you say are the most significant developments in the critiques of the church in the past 20 years that didnt exist beforehand? Today the church has suffered too many blows to its claims of certainty to dare to treat its members the way it treated Brent Metcalfe. Hi, was wondering if Brent is still available to respond to my train of thought above? Well also talk in depth with Brent about how he has been able to construct a healthy and happy life outside of Mormonism. This was an excellent broadcast! Do you believe that your martial arts and mental training has contributed to your belief system and the independence from the crowd? Wrestling for coach Roy Hall at Davison High School in Michigan, Metcalf finished as arguably the #1 overall recruit with a career record of 228-0 with . The message was discovered after his review had gone to press and had to be edited out. So sorry Maxine! Thank you both in advance. In it, Metcalfe himself wrote an essay that was the first to advance the Mosiah priority theory, or that Joseph Smith began dictating the Book of Mormon from the Book of Mosiah. Reply. I have heard metaphysics mentioned in one of the interviews (I think it was the one on post declaration polygamy). I could read fine in private but the social damage was done and anxiety overwhelmed me every time. Metcalfe subsequently resigned from the Seventh East Press and told Sunstone that he would no longer write for them. Be the first to contribute! I think that it speaks volumes about their powers of discernment and what they truly think about Joseph Smith. Get all the information related to Cardinal Health Nps Online - Make website login easier than ever The membership on the website. About a year or so ago when I finally left the church I looked him up to get advice and catch up on old times. Thanks for the clarification. You seem to be back on your game of simply inviting your guests to tell their stories. I was hoping you would have spoken more about the Book of Mormon and Abraham. My mind was calm and at peace with God through the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world. But such intellectual issues didnt play a role in my failure of faith. These scholars included Dan Vogel, Stan Larson, David P. Wright, and John Kunich. Steve Christiansen was my bishop in that centerville ward and I grew up with his children. I was with one of his relatives the day he was charged with the bombings, and she was totally shocked & absolutely certain he had nothing to do with it. Daniel Kahneman speaks in terms of efficient Thinking Fast biases that unconsciously deploy the WYSIATI (What-You-See-Is-All-There-Is) heuristic, which has proved itself sufficiently satisficing for selection. But being new to the church and so unacquainted with church matters and such things I was not much help. at firesides, etc about some new discovery somewhere that was about to put to rest the concerns about the BOMs historicity. And I went through a very long phase of just wishing that I had never been born.. Coming from similar backgrounds, Mark and Brent subsequently began working together on finding and authenticating documents, which eventually turned their relationship into a friendship. I felt like somehow I was responsible for what had happened. I have some insights into that. In this fascinating conversation Brent details that while working for Church security he was working on scholarly endeavors that he hoped would help contribute to apologitic defenses of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In Part 6, we talk to Brent about his interactions and run-ins with prominent Mormon apologists like Daniel Peterson, Lou Midgley and others. She has become the matron saint of Mormon studies (that's a promotion from her previous role as the den mother of Mormon studies). Im glad the church and BYU tried and I dont blame them for making the attempt to shore up the Book of Mormon. But I feel that sometimes secular scholars, perhaps in an effort to be diplomatic, perhaps for other reasons, underestimate and understate the inevitability of open conflict with a religious tradition they study. What has been the ramifications to your excommunication among other family members? Perhaps she remembers me, the useless home teacher. Do you have any idea what his views are now about the church, what he did, etc.? Do as I say and not as I do. This was something I surmised most of my adult life. Hope all is good with you. Thanks! Really, such a great family. I served a mission with the missionary mentioned by Brent. Why didnt Mr. Metcalfe publish his long-anticipated book disproving the Book of Abraham? Jerald articulated his concerns in one of his ministrys publications. What was most poignant to me was Brents description of his failure of faith. Did John take the tapes home to show his wife? I was going to ask the same thing. Although he refused to read her book, a respected Mormon scholar named J. Reuben Clark asked the Deseret News to publish his long review of No Man Knows My History. That said, I have to wonder what planet hes living on when he says that Catholicism has been reinvigorated in the post Vatican II era. The Version table provides details related to the release that this issue/RFE will be addressed. Azerbaijan's Jabrayil Hasanov in action against The USA's Brent Metcalf. End of my short story. They have proven time and time again that that is all they care about. Thank you so much for being so open and honest that particular issue. Please share your feeling about this observation as well, and how this may affect future missionary work, growth of the church and most importantly the individual peace of mind of its members. Few people had more of a front-row seat than Brent Metcalfe to the goings-on surrounding Mark Hofmann, the Salamander Letter, and the tragic events of October 1985 what would be dubbed as the Mormon Murders.. Why are they so adamant about excommunicating someone who has a different opinion than they do? Hi Brent, Thank you for your insights and open heart. I can hardly wait for the rest! On my mission in England I met a older, wise non LDS woman very knowledgeable on esoteric and metaphysics teachings. Salamander: The story of the Mormon forgery murders. Jn It is those moments of intimacy that really help me connect to the humanity of the interviewee. Great interview. brent metcalfe excommunicated. I devoutly attended BYU in the mid 70s. So, so good. It was stillbecause it all drove from the incredibility of the whole thing. But it has not always been that way or worked in his favor. I always enjoyed our discussions years ago about your love for the Indians in your mission and then your experience doing research with their culture and you feelings towards the Book of Mormon. the tall man aboriginal spirit; metadata api request failed: component conversion failed: file_ended; caleb foote sandlot "[7] William J. Hamblin responded specifically to an article by Metcalfe. Near the end of a presentation you gave for the ExMormon Foundation, you said something to the effect of: People ask me how Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, how he pulled it off, how it all came about. I was nervous that you belonged to the catalyst crowd and relieved to hear your developed belief, or non belief. He also discusses the events leading up to, and including, his excommunication. Now, alas, Im left to figure out why I dont personally do more to address the real-life hell that is meanwhile breaking loose in the world, now that I understand also that no gods exist to help us. [5][6], According to the Deseret News, the response from the apologetic community was "vitriolic. The confessionals in the documentary of Hofmann's associates, such as Shannon Flynn, Brent Metcalf and George Throckmorton are captivating. Thank you for this very interesting presentation. 100% CAUCASIAN Our ethnicity data indicates the majority is Caucasian. Categories . When you described Hoffmans futile attempts to delay the inevitable meeting where his house of cards would come tumbling down I couldnt help but compare it to the decades-long quest among some of the church leadership to keep the brand pure by weeding out doubters. Now that the new Netflix documentary Murder Among the Mormons has come out, it also validates the important witness that Brent was in this event. If God will ultimately judge us all, why are mere mortals judging mortals, with the illusion of acting for God? But before Brent could truly move on, he had to deal with the emotional turmoil of knowing that he was associated with Mark Hofmann. Thank you Brentyou are certainly one of the true Saturdays Warriors Thank you I am glad I came across your website! The name sounds so familiar (I was a Wandsworth baptism as a teenager in 77). Do you still attend LDS church? Great interview. There is a newish movement who rejects that the book of mormon ever occurred in South America. Hamblin Methodological discussions have become commonplace in Mormon studies. And much was going on. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I just saw the Netflix Documentary last night. Some suggest that energy-conservation constraints favored our thoughts sliding along low-resistance neural ruts that include simple feel-good narratives. Would a hypothesis like that hold any water? My application of Vatican II was specifically intended for the work of Catholic biblical scholars, not Catholicism in toto. Metcalfe is on the editorial board of the John Whitmer Historical Association. Well also talk about the recent history of BYUs Maxwell Institute and what he sees in its future and in the future of Mormon apologetics overall. It is better thought of by non-Catholics (generally), but this has not translated into conversions or retention of cradle Catholics. He did so to prevent members from apostatizing and becoming fundamentalists. Brent Metcalfe is definitely one of my favorite interviewees ever on Mormon Stories Podcast. ), systematically undermining Church teachings on the law of chastity and the . Liked by Brent Metcalfe Experience Practice Lead - Mergers and Acquisitions/Investment Group and Consultant Backswath Management Sep 2022 - Present6 months Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Seeking New. Thanks again Brent, no wonder you have had the experience you have shared with your faith about God. Thanks so much for posting this. He also talks about his early forays into Mormon studies. He remains an enigma. Please, God, let this podcast inspire someone to produce a talk show called, Hot-tubbing with Mark Hoffman! Pardon me for not commenting on LDS church history, but to be honest Ive read it or heard it all and have moved on. So my question is, what if the effort for the book of Abraham was an attempt by JS and his close friends to deliver an esoteric masterpiece. And I went through a very long phase of just wishing that I had never been born. If you were to interview Mark Hofmann, what would your top questions be? "[10], Naifeh, S., & Smith, G. W. (2005). Growing up I only had positive interactions with his beautiful wife and kids. Ive always wondered why the most ardently orthodox and pious seem to have the least faith in the divinity and omnipotence of the Lords plan. The lengthy, five-part series covers Metcalfes childhood in Mormonism, his mission, his time []. Elbert was the managing editor, and Ron the financial guy, so I had the impression that Elbert created the whole thing. We may be on our own and need to create our own justice and future, but its possible that Providence does in fact sometimes intervene. In Part 3, Brent discusses the aftermath of the Hofmann murders, including the trial and Hofmanns eventual plea deal. Dont know who the nuts are that Church Security referred to, but Jerald Tanner probably expressed the most legitimate concerns. Hinckley never responded, but was shortly thereafter offered the job by Christensen, which Metcalfe felt was orchestrated by Hinckley. But I have a question for Brent. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A man with boldness of speech, and is often cited by members as one of the favourite apostles to hear from. Hoffman was Laffertys cell mate. In another post Ill comment on the Mark Hoffman affair. [9] Metcalfe and the police were afraid Metcalfe might be a future target he went into hiding. Im not sure why I would have been hesitant to answer the question during the interview since Ive addressed it numerous timesIll have to go back and listen. Robert Ritner, Egyptologist, wrote a recent book the Joseph Smith Papyri in which he acknowledges your encouragement for that project. In fact, it may just be possible that I stood right next to Brent during our official kick off meeting, when Elbert invited his brother Lyle to give us all a magic show. I think we ought to be okay with these questions, and not automatically defensive. In 1539 he was elected as an MP for the rst time and was appointed to serve in the King's Privy Chamber. It is his sixth season overall with the Cyclones after serving as the volunteer assistant for the 2017-18 season. St. Martins Press. I am still cringing from the realizations about the lack of discernment and the deliberate efforts on the part of the GAs. The 7th East Press was a gem. Brent Metcalf, who has been through personal tragedy, triumph and uncertainty can now call himself a national champion. This unleashed a veritable deluge of Catholic contributions to modern biblical scholarship. I just looked down at the paper and I felt this wave of total anxiety come over me and then all of a sudden it was like my brain stopped working and it felt like I was looking at a different language. Would that fit the time frame the book is given in? Just curious if there is a link that has information about what they discovered and why they were ex'd or disparaged. african american gastroenterologist near me; district 36 lofts; how to turn off scan text on iphone 12 If you hadnt been excommunicated would you still be a member today? I still remember the demo you and your friends gave in the Rec Hall for Mutual. What are your views about these books and how some contemporary Mormon scholars approach them as catalytic for revelation, though they may not specifically be historical? Growing up in the Eleventh Ward, you seemed very different than the Terry, Larry and Scott group. If you were to write a book, what aspects of the Hofmann story would you focus on? accounting for llc member buyout; black barber shops chicago; otto ohlendorf descendants; 97 4runner brake bleeding; Freundschaft aufhoren: zu welchem Zeitpunkt sera Semantik Starke & genau so wie parece fair ist und bleibt 7 czerwca 2022. Coming! Signature Books. Phooey to that. Learn how your comment data is processed. And now, as per reports, Brent Metcalfe has been able to construct a healthy and happy life for himself outside of Mormonism, where he can continue to work as an independent scholar and technical editor without any issues or restrictions. I teared up with Brent during that part. As coincidence would have it, a few months later I became her home teacher. "Everybody that ever dealt with Mark Hofmann was a victim of his, and of his deception, and I think it's just kind of a . Gary at the time was an up-and-coming star because of his writing skills. Allegedly, he expressed too much "support" for Denver Snuffer, although by his own account, he would refuse to follow Snuffer if Snuffer had said that the LDS Church had gone totally astray.The individual, who identifies himself as Brent D. Larsen of the Eagle Mountain Utah Stake, discusses the . Brent Metcalf (born July 14, 1986) is an American freestyle wrestler who formerly competed in the international circuit for the United States of America. Wouldnt it have been more humorous to wait until *after* the issue was mailed out before bringing the Metcalfe is Butthead acrostic to the attention of FARMS authorities? All of these documents are available on the Joseph Smith Papers Project website. It was fascinating and enlightening to see the underbelly of ongoings between church leaders and members. Im glad you found some of my remarks useful and thanks for the kind comments. I was curious about the book that Brent photocopied from the archives. He has already saved her from choking on several occasions. All rights reserved. I hope you consider doing this. I went to BYU and graduated with honors but I did everything I could to get out of reading or to read beforehand what I could be asked to read out loud. [4] He grew up a member of the LDS Church in a devout family, and served a mission for the LDS Church. On Wiwikipedia, it mentions that in a hit piece done by Dan Peterson, that he encodeds the message, Metcalfe is a butthead. What were your qurarrels like with FARMS? However, they still mention other things in their presentations (if you can stand to listen to them; I dont particularly like Jake Hiltons rhetoric, but Wayne May is pretty interesting to listen to)that are pretty fascinating and almost convincing. Brent Metcalf Resides in Modesto, CA Includes Address (1) Phone (1) See Results Statistics for all 3 Brent Metcalf results: 50 yrs AVERAGE AGE 100% are in their 50s, while the average age is 50. Why do you think it is that the church is so fearful of discoveries such as the letters by Mark H ? saw heaven open, and Jesus at the right hand of God, and the Heavenly hosts surrounding the throne, adoring the Father and the Son in the most sublime strains, (Hibbard, _Memoirs_, 181; cf. One question though, has Hoffman done any interviews since being in prison? Brent, thank you so much for doing this interview! Brent provided a detailed account of the Mark Hoffman story with a perspective that we seldom hear. Vol. And you are an example. There was an overall feeling that he just had it together. what happens if i ignore a ccj; It would have helped me a lot to know I was not alone. Life changing! And how was it working with Mr. Ritner? Oh, that would be great! Visit with the Skabelund family, 9:30-10:30 am,. Andrew, Joseph Smith dictated the story of princess Katumin and her regal father Onitas to his scribes Oliver Cowdery and William W. Phelps, who recorded the tale in two small notebooks. Brent Metcalfe borrows the titles of a few works on literary and narrative theory and then concludes that such theory under mines the historical claims of the Book of Mormon. Its great to find all this background information. Simply put, I think JSs BoAbr project is an example of JSs *sincerity*, not his fraudulence. Certainly the reality, was different than the accepted narrative. The full title is: The life, conversion, preaching, travels, and sufferings of Elias Smith. As a Mormon History and Rare Document Researcher, Brent Metcalfe has unparalleled knowledge of the religion and its connections in Utah. building permits st thomas usvi, virtue flats oregon trail, jefferson county pa zoning map,
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